Beware of Dr. Rebuild (DrRebuild)

Dr. Rebuild is a crazy nut.
Geoffrey, as he is called, will find any excuse at all to make your life miserable by not selling you the part that he claims to have. He seems to get enjoyment out of bashing you and/or anyone that he decides he doesn’t like. He has ridiculous requirements for ordering from him. Although he is legitimate, his business practices are out of this world, and it’s amazing that he is in business at all. I think the only reason he is around, is the fact that he has hard to find parts for Corvettes. You may find you have to use tricks to order from him. “Beware”

I simply put this up as a friendly warning. Take it or leave it. For all of your corvette needs I would suggest Zip Corvette ( or Ecklers Corvette ( these companies are true professional companies and I have had great service from them over the years.



Beware of Dr. Rebuild (DrRebuild) — 5 Comments

  1. IT’s kinda funny in a way, the Dr opened his business in 1979. The same year Mike Yeager opened Corvette Motor-works. Mike is now a billionaire. His company has split into 3 different companies serving the VW and the Porsche communities. Where is the Dr. Still peddling his parts, ( Good Quality parts) but the Dr. refutes the NCRS in every form and fashion. In 1999 I insulted him in a post on and since that period he has keep up a page disparaging me to this very day. I tried to apologize but he blew that off. So he’ll go on and his women order takers have lists to check before accepting an order to make sure the person isn’t on the “No Sell To List” I believe he is a narcissistic sociopath. So he is who he is. It’s sad.

  2. Ya, so the Doc did it again. He has just posted some ridiculous slanderous things about me, which I find quite humours. Of course I’m not concerned in anyway, as anyone reading this on his website would know instantly that there is something wrong with him. I kinda feel sorry for the guy in a way. He must be an extremely angry and unhappy individual.

    I have come to the conclusion that either he is just a young kid, posing as an adult (which would explain his childish behaviour) or he has serious pshycological problems in which case his family and friends (if he has any) should seriously get him some help.

    Anyway, this latest rant of his just goes to show that my initial warning was completely justified.

  3. Kernal, this article and the comments that follow are right on the money. Thank you for blazing the trail which has many followers with similar stories to your own. Geoffrey took exception to a post where I simply quoted from his website his minimum order and shipping charges as advertised (just facts from his website, not anything negative about him or his business) and proceeded to launch a vile personal attack thread against me on NCRS TDB which was so far over the top and slanderous that he got himself banned from there (in addition to his already prior banishment from the Corvette Forum that he continually mocks but trolls), that is his pathetic legacy to the Corvette hobby. I did reply in kind because I already knew from vendors and other Corvette owners I know that there is never the slightest chance to correct any perceived injustice with him, since he simply lashes out at will. Narcissistic sociopath, as mentioned nails it perfectly.

  4. There’s good reason he’s been banned by the NCRS and other forums. He’s an absolute nut case. Many refer to him as Dr. Retard. If he was the only Corvette parts seller on the planet, I’d sell my Corvettes and buy a Prius.

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