FiTech Fuel Command Centre (FCC)


In the fall of 2016 I installed the FiTech GoEFI 600 fuel injection system in my 1978 Corvette. I wanted the more precise Air to Fuel ratio that EFI offers. My current Edelbrock carburetor worked great, but was running very rich and I wasn’t in the mood to start fiddling around with new metering needles and such, when installing the FiTech EFI seemed so easy. Continue reading

Beware of Dr. Rebuild (DrRebuild)

Dr. Rebuild is a crazy nut.
Geoffrey, as he is called, will find any excuse at all to make your life miserable by not selling you the part that he claims to have. He seems to get enjoyment out of bashing you and/or anyone that he decides he doesn’t like. He has ridiculous requirements for ordering from him. Although he is legitimate, his business practices are out of this world, and it’s amazing that he is in business at all. I think the only reason he is around, is the fact that he has hard to find parts for Corvettes. You may find you have to use tricks to order from him. “Beware”

I simply put this up as a friendly warning. Take it or leave it. For all of your corvette needs I would suggest Zip Corvette ( or Ecklers Corvette ( these companies are true professional companies and I have had great service from them over the years.