NCS 2056T Breadboard Computer

NCS 2056T

The NCS-2056T is an educational breadboard computer kit that integrates computer history with the assembly of a working computer. This kit uses the Western Design Center W65C02S microprocessor, which is an updated version of the MOS 6502 processor that made computers like KIM-1, Ohio Scientific, Commodore PET, Apple II, Commodore64, Atari 8-bit Computer Family 800XL, and BBC Acorn Computer possible. The student will assemble the computer chips on a breadboard, and will even create a standard keyboard interface and attach a 128x64 LCD module for a display.

This kit comes with 3 printed manuals (A Technical Manual, an Assembly Manual and a KV1 Manual). The included CD-ROM also contains datasheets, and a 450+ page '6502 Programming Manual' in PDF format, and other various useful tools. drawing

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"It was a great experience for the students. The technical manual was really well done." , Jaye Hebert, London Ontario (High School Computer Teacher ICEM4 Class)