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What's inside?:

Solderless Breadboard, 350 Piece Wire Kit, 5V Power Supply, Voltage Regulator, W65C02S CPU, W65C22S VIA, 8KB EEPROM, 32KB RAM, 128x64 Graphic LCD, Keyboard Interface, 74LS00 NAND Gate, 74LS04 Hex Inverter, 74LS138 3-8 Decoder, Reset IC, Micro Switch, 2Mhz Crystal, Yellow LED's, Red LED's, 20Kohm POT, 6pin Mini DIN, 0.56uF Capacitors, 0.1uF Capacitors, 1Kohm Resistors, 3Kohm Resistors




Technical Manual - 217 Pages with color photos and diagrams.

Assembly Manual - 75 Pages with color photos and step by step instructions.

KV1 Manual - 49 Pages of instructions to connect the LCD module and keyboard interface.

CD-ROM - 450+ page 65C02 Programmers Manual, 65C02 Simulator for Windows, Datasheets for all IC's

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"The manual is definately the best explanation I've seen so far of how the 65xx series of components work, etc. Very nice stuff.", Daniel Albro, Burbank, Ca.

"This was a pleasure to read for both technical and historical information." ,Paul Fechko, Arkansas U.S.A