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Welcome to APATCO TechnologiesNCS

Educational Computing Products:

Kits that let you build while learning how computers work. Ideal for use in the classroom setting, computer club or for individuals. Easy to read documentation, which includes a historical look at the development of the computer. |shop |

Affordable, Professional, IT Support

When you need IT support staff, but not the payroll costs, we can help. Custom support agreements, with APATCO Technologies, will allow you to move forward with your technology goals, while eliminating unforeseen support costs.

Authorized Computer and Computer Product Reseller

APATCO Technologies is now officially authorized resellers for Apple Computers. If you are interested in any type of computer, or computer product, such as printers, projectors and much more give us a call. (866) 649-5957

Computer Repair and Service

The trained staff at APATCO Technologies are here to assist you in all your computer needs.

Training ProgramNCS

Training programs especially designed for your needs.