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APATCO Technologies: Training

If you are interested in learning more about your computer and how to operate the different application programs, there are many courses available.

We can even design a course specifically for your needs.
* General Computer (Beginners):Buisness Men
* General Computer (Level 2):
* Multi-Media:
* Web Design (Beginners):
* Web Design (Advanced):
* Internet Use:
* Email:
* Bookkeeping / Accounting:
* Keyboarding (Typing)
Several Courses are designed to teach specific Application Programs:
* Wordprocessing (Word or WordPerfect)
* Database (Filemaker Pro, Access,)
* Spreadsheet (Excel, Quattro Pro)
* Accounting (Simply Accounting, Quickbooks)
* Digital Graphics and Photoshops (Adobe Photoshop, PhotoPaint)
* Multi-media (PowerPoint, Presentations)
* Web Page Design (Dreamweaver, HTML, DHTML, CSS)