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EduSDK & ViaUSB Bundle (Software Development Kit for your EB50)

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Program your NCS-EB50 via USB port using Western Design Centers TIDE. Includes Assembler and ANSI C compiler, along with ViaUSB adaptor.

Your ROM on your EB50 is already programmed to receive the viaUSB adaptor from Western Design Center. so you can program your board using ANSI C or Assembly language, right from your PC. The WDC TIDE (Terbium Integrated Development Environment) is a full featured ANSI-C/Assembler/Debugger that allows you to create the best code possible for your NCS-EB50! TIDE works well with any good text editor like UltraEdit from IDM Computer Solutions.

Tool suite list:

  • Terbium Integrated Development Environment (TIDE)
  • ANSI Standard C Compiler with Optimizer
  • Simulator/Debugger
  • Librarian/Symbol Examiner/Object Examiner
  • Assembler/Linker
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