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Classroom pack of 5 NCS-2056T breadboard computers

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Don't have time, or the know how to solder your EB50? We offer this pre-assembled version of the EB50!

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NCS-EB50 8/16 bit single board computer, complete kit with all components ready to be soldered onto the PCB. Fully programmed EEPROM with built in monitor and software for your PC. Available Now!

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8-bit educational computer kit.   - Available Now!

Design and assemble an 8-bit breadboard computer system. Great for learning how electronic components are put together to form a computer.

Computers have come a long way since the 8-bit era, but the principals behind the technology are the same.

Complete with 200+ page Technical Manual and separate Assembly Manual.
Also contains CD-ROM with Datasheets for all IC's, a 469 page 6502 Programming Manual, and a 6502 Macro Assembler and Simulator for your PC.

Teachers manuals available.
Bonus: This package now includes the KV1 upgrade kit. (keyboard interface and LCD display.)

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6502/65816 single board computer. 8 or 16 bit computer system upgrade for you NCS-2056T.

Use the components from you NCS-2056T breadboard computer, and plug them into this PCB for a more permenent experimental single board computer. Available Now!

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NCS-EB50 Cirucuit Board

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